How We Are Different Than a Tutoring Service

Beautiful Minds Coaching for Teenagers is not a subject matter tutoring service. We complement the traditional or online educational experience.

Let us explain what we problems we are here to solve for your teenager – and for you, as the parent and guardian.

Our educational system has been desperate for on overhaul. From overcrowded classrooms, to substandard, tenured teachers (with little to no motivation to make a difference), to neglect of all but the “brightest” students, we have left too many bright students behind.

Then the pandemic and shelter-in-place hit.

We experienced teachers who “checked-out” – some acted as if teaching online was an extended vacation; others felt overwhelmed by this rushed and uncoordinated virtual methodology, as they were never truly trained in effective virtual education delivery.

Parents found themselves stressed out – trying to adjust themselves to working from home, concerned about the health and welfare of their families, struggling to be educators for their teens and a constant push and pull in multiple directions.

Many students themselves checked out as well. Some learned that they would get A’s simply by turning in assignments. Some avoided turning on their computer entirely and got lost. During virtual classroom sessions, some students turned off and tuned out.

This is where we comes in.

Our Success Coaches are mentors and guides for your child. We:

  • Reengage, reegnite, and re-kindle the joy of learning
  • Inspire students to discover their life goals and how education is a contributing factor
  • Help the student identify obstacles holding them back
  • Co-develop strategies for overcoming each obstacle
  • Develop organization systems individualized for each learner/student/child
  • Teach students how to engage with their instructors; give them a voice to get the education they need
  • Offer connection and fun in the educational journey

We understand that you could be worried, frustrated and simply don’t know what to do next to hep your teen. Let’s talk about that in a free Discovery Call. It’s easy to schedule here.

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