The New R’s

A purposeful life for teenagers

Remember “Reading, Writing and Arithmetic”? This phrase appears to have been developed in the 19th century and was the standard by which learning and educational effectiveness was evaluated.

We’ve come a long way from then and we feel it’s time to redefine The Three R’s – The New R’s.

Widening Our Approach

We’ve widened our approach in working with teenagers to an innovative model of “success coaching” that reaches beyond academic excellence to a whole-person model of success. This is truly what parents want, right? We don’t want to just see our children suffer through getting assignments done. We want them to be successful – happy, healthy, purposeful adults.

The pandemic has torn back the curtain on education, often revealing to parents the measure of drudgery kids must endure to get a high school diploma (as many of us also endured in high school). Our antiquated system of curriculum delivery often turns bright students into mindless clerical workers as they fill out one worksheet after the other. We watch as they disappear into their rooms, totally disengaged from their education.

The newest research confirms what we’ve known from the start: you can’t just download facts to be memorized and regurgitated and expect teenagers to be excited about school. We need individualized attention and personal pathways for each student, tied closely to that child’s passions, unique talents and interests. This is what a Success Coach does – s(he) is a trusted adult who can guide and motivate a student to define their path and learn with purpose.

So instead of the old – Reading, Writing and ‘Rithmitic’ – evidence-based practices in education now focus on:

The New R’s


A Success Coach takes time to build an authentic relationship with your teenager, listening deeply, asking important questions, and providing a safe space for growth.

We create schedules and structures so the student feels contained and focused. That’s the “routine” part. Yes, teens won’t admit it but structure and routine provides safety.

And then we celebrate and practice resilience – that innate quality we all have of overcoming adversity. “Grit” is the “power of passion and perseverance,” and these are the skills that will support teenagers as they transition into adulthood.

Traditional education may make a student good at filling out paperwork. Success Coaching can show them the joy of lifelong learning.

Beautiful Minds Coaching for Teens, a service of Academics For Life, LLC, connects, engages and inspires students who have become disengaged from learning and are falling behind in education and life. We inspire students to find their purpose, set goals and achieve milestones - by using education as the springboard to their dreams!

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