Testimonials for Success Coaching

From our students, parents and educators

Phyllis is one of those rare gems you unearth from time to time in our public education system. She embodies a powerful combination of deep care for the people in her orbit, fierce energy for their overall well-being and a pragmatism that is direly needed to keep young adults true to their best selves. She always went above and beyond to serve my son and he responded with like energy.

Laura, Parent

John has been coaching my two daughters Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for over three years. As a Black Belt, he has a depth of knowledge and experience, which inspires and motivates both the children and adults he teaches. For me as a parent of young teenage girls, it’s all about the resilience and self-reflection that he encourages. He has played a big part in giving them the tools they need to grow into happy, confident, stronger and wiser young people.

My younger daughter thinks, “John is a great teacher. He explains everything and makes me feel confident and safe,” and my eldest, “John always tells us the truth about Jiu Jitsu and makes me more emotionally and physically strong. He gives me confidence and motivates me to do better.”

Kerry, Parent

Mr. Walters made all of us know that we could be ourselves. Every student and staff loved and respected him. He was honest, kind, and a very good listener. Each time we needed help, he would always be there to help us break down assignments and projects. He empowered us to find our voice to ask for clarification and to give input. He understood that he needed to build relationships through patience and understanding.

Mr. Walters enabled us to grow strong, to become leaders in our academics and confident in who we are.

From my experience as a student with Mr. Walters, he was one of my very best friends and mentor. I would always go to him for advice about school life, homework, and projects. He helped me to stand up to myself when I was bullied by one of my classmates when some teachers couldn’t or tried. He was one of the few teachers that I know who always believed in me and encouraged me to become a better – he believed that I could be a strong educated lady. If it wasn’t for his support, guidance and encouragement as a teacher back then, I wouldn’t be here going to college and studying to get my bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design.

Every student should have the opportunity to have a Mr. Walters as their teacher.

Phyllis is the only teacher I’ve ever had that’s made me feel heard and validated. She really wants all of their students to succeed and get to their best potential while also focusing on their mental health. She is an incredibly kind person and works hard to help her students succeed.

Phyllis is a very enthusiastic, creative, caring teacher who always tried to support every student. She was always helping to motivate me, always teaching me new ways of learning. She helped me get through my science class in a month unlike previous similar classes that took me a year to complete. Always encouraging me to read more, I now read faster and more due to my time with her.

Nadia, Student

Phyllis played a significant role in helping my daughter overcome her learning anxiety. She was flexible, generous, and creative, while always encouraging my daughter to do her very best. Expect miracles if your child is lucky enough to work with her.

Harlow, Parent

I have been blessed to work alongside Emery for the last 3 years and I can confidently say that every student who meets him loves him because of the way he sees and brings out the best in every single young person (and in all of his colleagues) that he interacts with.

Nyasha – Worked with Emery

Phyllis has mastered the elusive art of being firm but fair, having rules yet maintaining motivating authentic relationships with her students. She is a teacher who freely offers love and genuine acceptance. While remaining current with her teaching practices, she is able to reach a struggling student with simple, yet profound, motherly instincts filled with empathy, accountability and professionalism. She is in a league of her own and is sure to provide instructional support based on your students needs.

Karleen – Parent