Luke R.

Success Coach

There are few things I find more fulfilling than helping a student unlock their potential. I think we are each filled with an innate desire and energy for mastering the problems we face. My experience tells me we’re all capable of rising to meet the challenges we encounter, with clear minds and full hearts. The trick is just tapping into that creative, constructive capacity. Since the start of my professional life, I’ve been winding my way towards the passion I now find myself driven by: helping students build the skills they need to live this way, in school and beyond.

After graduating from Duke University in 2016, I spent a year in Madrid, Spain on a Fulbright scholarship, teaching English in a public high school. I then moved to the field of test prep, where I helped the teens I worked with improve their scores by as much as 200 SAT points in just two months. Over the past three years, I’ve shifted my focus towards supporting projects and organizations that help people develop themselves in a fuller, more holistic sense. I ran international youth summer programs in Scotland and England, teaching classes on executive functioning skills, mindfulness practices, and assertive communication (and dancing salsa, too, because a little music and movement goes a long way for the body and the mind!). I designed, organized, and led workshops in “applied rationality”–a set of practical tools participants used to set goals, make plans, and respond to their struggles with a gentle, constructive attitude. I worked one-on-one with dozens of coaching clients, supporting them in navigating difficult interpersonal, academic, and professional situations. All of this experience confirmed that coaching is the work I’m made to do. And in this especially chaotic, isolating moment, I want to equip each of my students with the healthy habits, mindsets, and skills they’ll need to master their schoolwork and navigate the stresses of just living and growing up.

I’ve learned the value of these resources the hard way: by struggling with the challenges life has offered me, working to meet them with skill and grace, and carefully studying my experience along the way. I’m proud of the knowledge and wisdom I’ve earned from this struggle, much of which I powered through myself. But I haven’t done it all alone. I’ve been blessed with support from teachers of all kinds – therapists, parents, mentors, friends, and partners. I know how much can happen when someone connects with me from a place of care, listens attentively, and offers thoughtful inquiries (as well as the occasional playful tease to shake me out of my self-seriousness!). I know firsthand how powerful this kind of help can be, and I’ve benefited enormously from it. I want to pay that forward by supporting students in clarifying their values and goals, developing strategies for taking effective action, focusing their energy on the things that matter deeply to them, and more fully coming into who they want to be.

This is the vision I hold for my work with Beautiful Minds, and it’s what I intend to provide for my students. I hope we can weather this stormy moment together and bring some ease and inspiration into your lives!

“Really connected with the boys, even on Zoom”

Luke was great! He really connected with our 12 and 14 year old sons. The kids are excited to work with him again which is more than half the battle! He kept their attention very well which isn’t easy on Zoom. Our youngest said it didn’t feel like “school”, more like a cool neighbor “showing him how to do stuff”… which is perfect! Luke nailed it.

Tami-Lyn / Parent

“Luke was very compassionate and patient with me – despite my anxiety about the SAT”

Working with Luke to study for the SAT really helped me feel more confident and less anxious going into the test. Luke always responded right away to my emails and was very knowledgeable. I especially was worried about the Math section, and Luke was very compassionate and patient with me – despite my anxiety about it. Luke helped mitigate that “SAT stress” for me and helped me feel ready to do well when the test date came. I believe being able to get into my top choice for college was partly due to doing well on the SAT which would have been much harder and more stressful without Luke. I entirely 100% recommend him!

Oliver / Tutoring Student

“Luke has this rare quality to make you feel understood and heard at all times”

Luke is an approachable person: this meant I could really open up during our time working together. He has this rare quality to make you feel understood and heard at all times, which helped me so much when I wanted to figure out my next steps in life. On a personal level, I look up to him; it always inspires me how he embraces life.

Reka / Coaching Student

 “Luke has shown a  patience and teacherly empathy that I’ve seen in few people. I now move through the world with a newfound confidence”

Luke has been an exceptional teacher to me, and I would highly recommend his services. I used to be terrified of stating my needs, for fear that they might cause offense. Luke showed me a frame where the solution to authenticity feeling awkward is more authenticity. Adopting Luke’s frame has made my social interactions, in both my personal and professional lives, far more authentic; I now move through the world with a newfound confidence. And, in helping me cross the (substantial) inferential gap between my old frame and my current one, Luke has shown a patience and teacherly empathy that I’ve seen in few people.

Brice / Coaching Student

“Very kind, intuitive, and patient”

Luke is a very kind, intuitive and patient tutor. He is very knowledgeable and makes the lessons relaxed and enjoyable. Would 100% recommend and will continue to work with Luke.

Toni / Coaching Student

“Luke can gently steer my thoughts towards the things that actually matter

In navigating (often hard and complicated) issues, from work to personal life, Luke always helped me lead myself through. Even when we didn’t find a perfect solution, we still made progress–and I felt understood and appreciated. Luke excels at comprehensively describing the processes in our minds. I am often surprised by how precisely he can pinpoint and nicely depict what’s going on in me and gently steer the direction of my thoughts towards the things that actually matter. No matter how complex the concepts we were working with, listening to Luke explain them always felt natural and vivid at the same time. It’s also clear he practices what he preaches, as the dexterity he demonstrates with the tools he uses is clearly a result of years of practice. With an understanding that people learn at their own pace, he always patiently guided me through the problem space, helping me better understand myself and the world around me. 

Daniel / Coaching Student

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