Fred H.

I know the value of great coaching from all perspectives – having been a professional athlete and coach and having received amazing mentorship and coaching myself (Rowing: 1993 to 1996 US National and Olympic Team, Coach: Assistant and Head 1997 – 2009, US Olympic Team: Programs Manager 2010 – 2013.

I was born in San Francisco, California, in a time of questioning the norm and striving for inclusion. My education at an early age went well beyond life in the classroom. In high school I was unmotivated and couldn’t figure out how math, science, language and other topics would help me in the future. Then I met Dave Grant, (former) Head Coach and College President of Orange Coast College in Southern California. He was (and still is) my coach and mentor. He was powerful in instilling a work ethic for athletics, as well as understanding that getting an education in the classroom provides opportunity and travel to national and international locations gives a world view.

Being a professional athlete and Olympian instilled in me the “survive at all costs” mentality, that grit that moves us forward no matter what. There isn’t a job I won’t do. Roll up the sleeves and “Git ‘R’ Done” is the battle cry, and this is the energy I bring to coaching young people. I also believe life is big, and careers can be varied: I’ve worked in Construction, Data Processing, Professional Athlete, Deputy Sheriff and currently a Business Owner. Each job has provided me a view that very few people get in life. I’ve seen people at their worst as a Deputy Sheriff (DUI, Domestic Violence, Murder, Drug Addiction, etc.) and at their best as the Team Manager for the US Olympic Team (US W8+ win their 2nd Gold Medal at the 2012 Olympic Games).

I feel blessed to have had these vastly different professional viewpoints in life. It enables me to look at things from varied perspectives and provide viewpoints from angles that ordinarily would not be considered. I currently reside in Steamboat Springs, Colorado where I live with my wife, son and daughter. Outside of work, I spend a lot (if not most) of my time doing work/chores on my ranch and in my free time getting in touch with nature.

I look forward to learning more about your son or daughter and sharing new ways to look at academic and athletic life and the opportunities that are available to them.