Emery W.

My deepest belief has been that every child can learn. The challenge lies with the educator, to help the student discover his/her unique learning style.

In 2020, teaching to the four learning styles is not enough. You need an educator that has the skill and ability to create, develop and sustain relationships. Statistics state that teaching is 85% relational. Which means students learn better from teachers they like, and feel like them.

I’ve dedicated my life to building and nurturing relationships with kids on many different levels, and in many different environments. The unequivocal determining factor was the relationship.

I’ve worked as a residential counselor at the supervisor level, at a lockdown facility for young men from 1993 to 2000. At the same time, I worked as a foster care case manager. From 1995 to the present, I have been with the Seattle Public School District, working in behavior disorders classrooms, to creating the first Level 4 Low Cognitive program at Madison Middle School. We served all types of DD (developmentally disabled) students. From LD, MMR, to kids on the Autism and Aspergers spectrum, and had success with all levels based on the relationship. I was also nominated for The Golden Acorn Award in 2000. While at Madison, I also served eight seasons as the boys and girls varsity basketball coach.

The last five years of my career have been the most rewarding. Within Interagency, they selected me to introduce and facilitate the Kingmakers program. This program was launched to disrupt the school to prison pipeline, increase the graduation rate, and yield the suspension rate of black make students. It is modeled after the Kingmakers of Oakland. This is a program I teach African American males, that emphasizes and helps change the narrative of how young black boys see themselves. We focus on black history, cultural knowledge, positive self-identity and literacy. The love and dedication I have for these young men is endless. They realize this and they reciprocate.

During this pandemic and school closures, I realize how quickly my mentees can fall back into depressive and poverty mindsets. To combat this, I have been intentional on keeping the lines of communication open on a weekly basis – taking groceries and resources needed to the homes – all to reassure my guys they are still loved and cared for.

I am so honored and pleased to take my coaching and educating skills to the next level by serving Beautiful Minds. We will not fail these children – we will raise them. Every student, every adult, every day, achievement for all.

“An incredibly gifted educator, mentor, leader, and extraordinary human being.”

Humble, courageously authentic, natural collaborator, purpose-driven, and concrete are a few of the many words that come to mind regarding his character, expertise and leadership abilities.

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know him as a close colleague, witnessing his growth in pedagogy and student engagement skills with throughout my time in the Seattle Mayor’s Office, and unequivocally offer that your organization is getting one of the most treasured talents in the Greater Seattle area.

Anthony Shoecraft / Seattle Schools

“Emery sees the humanity and greatness in every person.”

I have been blessed to work alongside Emery and I can confidently say that every student who meets him loves him because of the way he sees and brings out the best in every single young person (and in all of his colleagues) that he interacts with. Emery is a creative and innovative educator who caters his teaching to the individual and finds a way for each of his students to feel seen, heard, capable and successful. Many students love him so much, if they could they would spend the entire day learning from him in his classroom. He builds a good rapport with young people and is then able to challenge and push them to become their best selves.

Nyasha / Student