Anne K - Success Coach
Academic Coach - Anne K

I have worn many hats in life: small town ranch girl, Ski Racer, Equestrian, Dartmouth graduate, Biology Teacher, Olympic Rower, Computer Network Consultant, Computer Network Security Engineer, Technical Instructor, Division I Collegiate Coach, Olympic Coach, Mom.Through each phase of my life, I have always lived and preached the following philosophies:

  • Life is a journey, an adventure, to be explored. Experiences are gained and skills learned as you travel through.
  • If something looks interesting, try it! If you like it, then pursue it to the best of your ability.
  • There are very few failures in life. As long as you are learning, and not repeating the same mistakes, then you are making progress.

My passion is to coach, support and encourage others, especially young people, to follow their interests and pursue their dreams, learn lessons along the way, and find a path to personal satisfaction. Or, sometimes, learn what you do not want to do and change directions.

I was born and raised in Steamboat Springs, CO, before it was “Ski Town USA”, and grew up ski racing, riding horses and adventuring in the mountains and on the rivers. After high school, I wanted to get as far away from this small town as possible. I left for Dartmouth College, where I got B.A. in Biology and Environmental Science. While at college, I wanted to “try something new” and picked up rowing. That opened the door to make the U.S. Rowing Team traveling and competing internationally, winning the World Championships and 4th in the Olympics.

After rowing, needing time to re-center and searching for a new direction, I returned to Steamboat to work with Ski Patrol and get grounded.Then it was off to the University of Colorado, Boulder for a M.S. in Telecommunications and a career in the corporate world. After six years in the computer network security industry Consulting and as a Network Security Engineer, I had thoroughly learned how I did not want to live my life – in front of a computer screen.

I returned to my passion of working with young people through coaching.I coached novice women’s rowing at Oregon State University and the University of Pennsylvania, working with athletes new to the sport, teaching them the basics and expanding their horizons. Then I transitioned U.S. National Team Assistant Coach where I focused on athlete identification and development. I selected and coached the Under-23 team to the World Championships and coached the Senior Team at the World Championships and the Olympic Games. I was fortunate to mentor some amazing women who I am still in touch with today. It has been rewarding for me to see them follow their own dreams and how they have charted their own paths in life.

Leaving coaching was, and is, one of the hardest decisions I have had to make. I miss the daily interaction with the Student Athletes and watching them develop and grow. That said, my efforts with my athletes made it difficult to juggle life with my own children. Working with Academics For Life allows me to balance my passion for working with students and having time to spend and enhance the lives of my own children.

From my experience, academics and the skills associated with academics open doors to opportunities. I look forward to working with your daughter or son to help them find their path, or at least their next step.