Program Policies and Terms of Service

General Philosophy of Success Coaching

Coaching is a student-focused process where a skilled and trusted adult helps the student find the interests, talents, and skills necessary to motivate them on their academic and life journey. Centered on connecting and engaging the Student one-one, the coaching process uses motivational interviewing to help alter behavior, set goals, manage time, and move forward. Coaches work to build the Student’s growth mindset and we expect Students to collaborate in this process.

The Student commits to trying to meet the Coach’s expectation by arriving on time to sessions and being open to critical inquiry and discussion of life goals, assignments due, challenges the student is facing regarding forward progress. The Parent acknowledges that creating results is a team effort with Coach and Student, and commits to reasonable efforts to support Student in this journey.

AFL means Academics For Life, LLC d/b/a Beautiful Minds Coaching for Teenagers (“AFL”).


In the Success Coaching process, we provide these deliverables (“Coaching Program” or “Program”):

  • 45 minute face-face virtual sessions with Student, according to the Tier Plan and schedule agreed on by Parent, Student, and AFL.
  • Reasonable weekly communication with Parent including one summary email per week and text communication as needed through
  • Best efforts in collaboration with the Student to access, work on, schedule, and complete academic assignments provided by School District or curriculum provider.
  • Coaching assignments may include time-management, goal-setting and values exercises.
  • Coaches will assist the Student in reaching out to subject matter experts (e.g. school district employees) for help with specific assignments and questions. The habit of learning when they need help and how to access resources is critical to the Student’s academic development.
  • Coaches focus on helping the Student to develop skills like critical thinking, problem solving, and self-introspection to serve the Student throughout their academic and life journeys. Coaches may use exercises and tools in furtherance of the ultimate goal – helping Students become auto-didactic (self-taught) learners for life.

Success Coach Expectations

The following policies and expectations are meant to optimize the environment, experience and success of the Students and the Success Coaching Program.The key to an effective Success Coaching relationship is communication. As Success Coaches, we are the Student’s partner and advocate in their educational journey.

You can expect the Success Coach to be honest, straightforward, constructive and confidential – as well as compassionate and caring throughout the working relationship. The Success Coach will engage in direct conversations with the Student, often asking questions, making requests, helping the Student remove perceived barriers, and setting goals as part of coaching methodologies.

The Success Coach is a resource for the Student in their educational journey. The Success Coach will share concepts or insights, and ask re-orienting questions that are intended to increase the Student’s success in reaching their intended outcome. The Success Coach is a mentor/motivator for school, life, career, and college tracks. A Success Coach is NOT a therapist, tutor, or guidance counselor.

Student Expectations

Success Coaching is a student-focused, introspective and empowering process filled with much self-discovery. This means that the Student may have action steps to accomplish prior to each Session. The Student shall come to the Sessions prepared with an idea of what the Student wants to achieve.

During your Coaching Sessions (“Sessions”), the Success Coach is 100% present for the Student to help the Session be as forward progressing as possible. Accordingly, the Student commits and agrees to execute all the lessons, assignments, and coursework to the best of Student’s ability. The Student further agrees to attend ALL scheduled Sessions included as part of the Services. The Parent also acknowledges that creating results requires effort, and the Parent is prepared and committed to make the efforts needed to support the Student. Access to Educational Systems To support AFL’s delivery of services, Student shall share educational information such as class schedules, assignment due dates, grades, course expectations, transcripts, graduation requirements, course expectations and other information relevant to Student’s course work. This may be accomplished through screen sharing or approved access to Student’s education system.

The Student shall have secure high-speed Internet and a computer with video capabilities to conduct Sessions. If during the Program, technology access becomes a challenge, please discuss this with your Success Coach so alternative arrangements can be discussed including but not limited to smartphone use. Coaches will not contact or communicate with school district employees, including the Student’s teachers. One skill students and families must develop is how to advocate for help from subject matter experts (i.e. school district employees). Coaches will work with students to reach out to teachers for support, but they will not have direct contact with teachers.

Email; Check-In Support

Although there are no true emergencies in Success Coaching, we recognize that the Student may need some support and encouragement between Sessions. Therefore, if the Student needs to reach the Success Coach between Sessions, the Student may email their Success Coach.

If the Student needs to cancel any Session, the Student shall use the scheduling link to cancel and reschedule the Session, providing at least twenty-four (24) hours advance notice. Cancellations less than twenty-four (24) hours in advance may be charged against Student’s contracted sessions after the first late cancellation. Given that we dedicate blocks of time to each Student in the Program, we cannot guarantee a replacement Session will be available in that same calendar week. Unused Sessions due to Student cancellations are not refundable.

Extended Breaks from the Program.

It may be necessary for a student to be absent from their Program for an extended period due to family vacation, illness, injury or other unexpected issues. AFL will grant a thirty (30) day hold on the Program upon reasonable request of the Parent/Guardian in these situations. Upon enrollment, AFL will work with the Student to develop a schedule that takes into account typical school vacations and breaks.

Terms of Service

AFL is engaged in this business of providing coaching services described in these Terms of Service. The Parent desires to engage AFL to provide Services in the form of personal and individualized coaching services delivered in a virtual format. The purpose of Success Coaching is to support a Parent’s child (“Student”) in developing measurable and specific goals in both the academic and life arenas. Coaches assist Students in staying on track with educational goals while motivating and inspiring Students in larger life goals. The Success Coach does not provide therapy, counseling, or subject matter tutoring.

Program Fee

Student’s access to the Program is made conditional on prepayment of the Program Fee. By accepting these Terms of Service, Parent agrees and understands that Parent is committing to pay for the Program until the elected plan terminates. Parent agrees and understands that Parent is foregoing the right to claim any refund of Program Fees. Parent further acknowledges that in accepting these terms and affirmatively seeking the benefits of the Program, the Student takes full responsibility for their own success. Thus, Parent agrees not to request a refund. Program Length. Our minimum programs are for a three (3) month period unless otherwise noted and renew automatically on a month-to-month basis.

Term and Termination

The Program will start upon Parent’s payment of the initial Program Fee. Each three-month period (i.e., April 1 – June 30) is referred to a Program Period. At the end of a Program Period, the Program shall continue for a subsequent Program Period. The Program Period shall continue until terminated by Parent with prior written notice to AFL at least ten (10) days prior to the beginning of a subsequent Service Period. There are no refunds for partial Program Periods. AFL may terminate the Program at any time at its discretion upon notice to the Parent. In the case of AFL’s termination, unused Sessions will be refunded on a prorated basis.

Outcomes Not Guaranteed

By accepting these Terms of Service, Parent agrees and understands that AFL provides Success Coaching only and guarantees no specific results. The Student agrees to take full responsibility for their own success. The Student and Parent acknowledge that everyone’s success is different and dependent on factors such as Student’s commitment and dedication. Examples and testimonials are not meant as a promise or guarantee of Student’s own academic success.


AFL and the Success Coach shall protect Student’s personal information and will not at any time, either directly or indirectly, use any information for her own personal benefit, disclose, or communicate in any manner any information to any third party, unless required by law or unless Student expresses a physical danger to his/herself or others. In this case, the Success Coach will inform legal authorities so that protective measures can be taken. AFL and Coach will also inform parents directly if a student expresses thoughts that might indicate a lack of wellness physically or emotionally. While trust is the foundation of a Student-Coach relationship, AFL realizes parents have a vested interest in understanding their child and will routinely share updates with the parent.

Role of the Coach

Parents and students recognize and understand that a Success Coach is not a therapist, trained counselor, or certificated educator. Rather, the Coach is trained to motivate students, build skills related to success in academics and life, set specific short- and long-term goals and engage in other activities to help inspire lifelong learning.

No Coordination with Student’s Educators

The Success Coach does not communicate with the Student’s educational team. Parents acknowledge and understand that Success Coaching is a consultative service completely separate from Student’s prescribed enrollment in public or private educational institutions. General Release and Waiver of All Liability. The parties understand and acknowledge that this document is not a legally binding contract but an agreement regarding the Program, services, expectations, and payment. Parents agree that they release AFL from any and all liability for any damages or costs relating to the provision of Success Coaching. On behalf of the Student, Parents waive any and all rights that may arise implicitly or explicitly as a result of Success Coaching, and agree not to seek damages of any kind in an arbitration proceeding or court of law in any state.