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Tax Exempt Coaching

Growing Beautiful Minds in 2021

What a relief that 2020 is now “hindsight.” At Beautiful Minds, we’re taking this opportunity to reach higher in helping young people find their greatness.

The New Year started with us receiving our tax-exempt status from the IRS, allowing us to write for grants and seek support so that our dedicated and highly effective coaches can help even more kids. It’s our intention to offer scholarships, focused programs, and sliding scale fees in 2021 in our effort to address the huge inequities we see in education.

The pandemic exposed many deep and seemingly intractable flaws in our educational system. However, none are so damaging as the widening gap between families that have and those that don’t. As with healthcare, law enforcement, business, the economy and other institutions, the data show that people of color and those on the economic margins statistically suffer more setbacks, loss, illness, and despair. And with brick and mortar schools closed, it’s happening again: parents who can afford supplemental instruction or private schools are supporting their children through this while underserved populations fall further off the radar.

When Kara and I started this venture in July of 2020, it was (and remains) our intention to make our high quality one-one coaching accessible to everyone. We created two legal structures: an LLC to start and then a separate nonprofit corporation, because we wanted to deploy our services quickly and a 501(c)3 application for tax exemption usually takes months.

We simultaneously built and started programs while applying for tax-exempt status and miraculously our application was approved in less than three months. And so we start the year with a renewed focus on reaching those teenagers that might never have the same opportunity as privileged students. Every child deserves a skilled, compassionate adult who is simply in their corner, rooting for them 100%, motivating them to be their best selves, and learning skills that will serve them well into adulthood.

Parenting Without Panic

As part of our expanding services, we’ll be reaching out to support parents with parenting support programs, which are included in the cost of our student coaching programs.

Foundations and Grants

If you know of foundations or grants that target youth and education, please reach out to us. As we help your child stay afloat and move forward, we’re committed to helping lots of other young people find their passion, purpose, and genius.

Beautiful Minds Coaching for Teens, a service of Academics For Life, LLC, connects, engages and inspires students who have become disengaged from learning and are falling behind in education and life. We inspire students to find their purpose, set goals and achieve milestones - by using education as the springboard to their dreams!

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