You won’t find a more purpose-driven team of individuals who strive to see the good in the world and your child’s contribution to it.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect with students who are disengaged from learning and falling behind in school and life.

We believe that authentic connection with a skilled and compassionate coach can light a fire in a young person who surpasses the bounds of rote learning and creates the foundation for a purposeful and happy life. We build critical thinkers and problem-solvers who can identify their passions and learn anything in pursuit of their own greatness. These beliefs drive everything we do at AFL from our intake process to the way we measure success.

We focus on the “average” or disengaged student, the one who struggles quietly and gives up, unnoticed. These are the lost minds of a generation and our educational system has failed them. Many are students who have “checked out” and are just biding time until they get out of high school.

As the pandemic robs our students of the last vestige of learning in a broken system, we see an opportunity to create the conditions for human flourishing in our children. Our coaches can help build the intrinsic motivation children need to tap into their deepest talents and interests to learn anything they want wherever they are. We believe this skill will serve them for a lifetime and help them change the world.

Our Vision

We want to change the world by helping young humans flourish and bring their unique skills and talents to the world.

Beautiful Minds Coaching for Teens provides a platform and a place for great coaches – with creativity and compassion – to ignite a fire in young minds. Within five years, we want to be an integral part of a whole novel way of educating students, providing wisdom, coaching, resources for parents, and training for adults who want to become Success Coaches.

Our Values

Client-centered DEVOTION to the student and their family.
EQUITY in the delivery of services and opportunity for all students.
COMPASSION for families navigating extraordinary circumstances.
COMMITMENT to delivering the highest-quality school/life coaching to all children.
SERVICE to our communities and the world.

To our Coaches and each other we promise to act with integrity, to speak authentically, and support each other whole-heartedly with humor and deep listening.

To our Students we promise to be that adult who shows up with unconditional acceptance of who you are. We promise to listen to you carefully and ask the questions adults don’t ask of students – who are you deep down? What makes you happy? What do you want life to feel like for you? We promise to help you build a pathway to lifelong learning and human flourishing.

To our Parents we promise to fully accept and help motivate your child, understanding this responsibility as the most important in every minute we spend with your student.