You won’t find a more purpose-driven team of individuals who strive to see the good in the world and your child’s contribution to it.

As we have happily received our non-profit designation from the IRS, we are seeking grants to be able to serve more teens. This means we need to expand our coaching team!

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect with students who are disengaged from learning and falling behind in school and life.

We believe that authentic connection with a skilled and compassionate coach can light a fire in a young person who surpasses the bounds of rote learning and creates the foundation for a purposeful and happy life. We build critical thinkers and problem-solvers who can identify their passions and learn anything in pursuit of their own greatness. These beliefs drive everything we do at AFL from our intake process to the way we measure success.

We focus on the “average” or disengaged student, the one who struggles quietly and gives up, unnoticed. These are the lost minds of a generation and our educational system has failed them. Many are students who have “checked out” and are just biding time until they get out of high school.

As the pandemic robs our students of the last vestige of learning in a broken system, we see an opportunity to create the conditions for human flourishing in our children. Our coaches can help build the intrinsic motivation children need to tap into their deepest talents and interests to learn anything they want wherever they are. We believe this skill will serve them for a lifetime and help them change the world.

Our Vision

We want to change the world by helping young humans flourish and bring their unique skills and talents to the world.

Beautiful Minds Coaching for Teens provides a platform and a place for great coaches – with creativity and compassion – to ignite a fire in young minds. Within five years, we want to be an integral part of a whole novel way of educating students, providing wisdom, coaching, resources for parents, and training for adults who want to become Success Coaches.

Our Values

Client-centered DEVOTION to the student and their family.
EQUITY in the delivery of services and opportunity for all students.
COMPASSION for families navigating extraordinary circumstances.
COMMITMENT to delivering the highest-quality school/life coaching to all children.
SERVICE to our communities and the world.

To our Coaches and each other we promise to act with integrity, to speak authentically, and support each other whole-heartedly with humor and deep listening.

To our Students we promise to be that adult who shows up with unconditional acceptance of who you are. We promise to listen to you carefully and ask the questions adults don’t ask of students – who are you deep down? What makes you happy? What do you want life to feel like for you? We promise to help you build a pathway to lifelong learning and human flourishing.

To our Parents we promise to fully accept and help motivate your child, understanding this responsibility as the most important in every minute we spend with your student.


Beautiful Minds Coaching

To further our company mission, Beautiful Minds provides personalized, one-to-one success coaching to teenagers. Our teens work with us at least weekly for a period of at least three months.

Role Description

Success Coach | Role and Responsibilities

Beautiful Minds Coaching for Teenagers provides high quality virtual one-one coaching for students ages 13-18. This is a 100% remote Independent Contractor (1099) position with flexible hours that can – if you want – include evenings and weekends.

A Success Coach is a student’s champion, guide, and mentor. The Coach provides a safe environment for the student to engage in introspection, identify personal passions and interests, and move strategically towards goals.

This is the domain of the Success Coach:

To build a trusting relationship where Coach and Student can mine that young person’s skills and interests and then set clear short- and long-term goals consonant with those unique talents.

Coaching is not subject matter dependent; coaches are not tutors, teachers, or guidance counselors. Rather, a Success Coach is charged with building an authentic connection with the student and then engaging in deep inquiry while providing tools and resources to develop lifelong learner skills including:

  • time-management
  • creative and critical thinking
  • problem-solving
  • goal-setting
  • clear communication

Coaches must understand and apply motivational interviewing and trauma – informed communication. We will review both techniques during Coach on-boarding. We expect our Success Coaches to find creative ways to help students progress academically in furtherance of their identified goals and interests.

A Success Coach is a guide, not a teacher. The job of taking concrete subject matter (math, history, foreign language) and breaking it down into a digestible curriculum that students can master is a noble and necessary one, but we are not subject matter experts. Coaches certainly track and supervise school district assignments, however, they are focused on the critical space between parenting and teaching consisting of helping students develop the skills, mindsets, and concrete tools necessary for meeting the difficulties of being a young adult.

Traditional schooling doesn’t prepare young people for most of the very real challenges students face. This may be why 30% of college freshmen drop out. After high school graduation, our youth are not prepared to face an array of “real world” challenges like:

  • Dealing with the difficulties of planning, managing, and executing a complex project all on their own
  • Communicating effectively with an adult authority figure they are intimidated by
  • Navigating the stressful and often overwhelming feelings (confusion, self-doubt, uncertainty, worry) of deciding what to do with their lives
  • Wading through mountains of (often contradictory) sources of information on the important issues/questions they need to answer.
  • Responding to interpersonal conflict in a way that aligns with deep values.

It’s a wonder we don’t see students struggling even more. In addition to the subtle skill building of maturity, above, a Success Coach works on:

  • Time management skills (when is it due? How do we plan? What’s holding you back from doing this? – This skill alone opens up a world of social/emotional exploration);
  • Uncovering resistance (procrastination, boredom, lack of engagement) and strategizing new ways of learning;
  • Writing: So many people are terrified of putting a word on a page. We teach “brainstorming” and other skills to break through writing barriers.
    “Chunking:” Students learn to break down overwhelming tasks into manageable bites, and even reward themselves for effort (“If I work on this essay for 20 minutes, I’ll take a five minute break.”)
  • Adolescent Brain Science: If a young person understands their teenage wiring (MUCH different from children or adults) it helps in all areas of emotional regulation and thus progress and achievement.

Academic school work is approached in this way, with all roads leading back to what makes that student “tick” – this is the key benefit of Success Coaching: authentic relationship, deep knowledge of a young person’s dreams and talents, and a guide to help structure the framework to get through high school with purpose and maybe even passion.

Qualifications and Education Requirements

We are looking for people who love and enjoy working with adolescents’ ages 13 to 18 and have the temperament, patience, and humor to address the kinds of issues, challenges, and resistance teenagers bring to life and academic difficulties. Frankly, we are not looking for certified teachers, as that training often has a rigid framework ineffective in the coaching environment.

Maybe you have coached young people in athletics or you have achieved something measurable with the help of a good coach and therefore understand the qualities we need: we find the model of the “warm demander” to be most effective – a trusted relationship is the foundation of progress for young people, coupled with expectations, tools, strategies, and skill-building.

You should have a great sense of humor, a positive outlook, and a firm belief in the potential in every human to find their purpose, flourish, and make the world a better place.

Coaches are expected to be basic tech savvy, have a quiet professional workspace, and an unwavering commitment to fostering measurable growth and development. You must pass a background check and provide testimonials (preferably from children and parents) regarding your effectiveness in working with young people. A four-year college degree is required.

Ready to Apply?

Please complete our Coach Questionnaire here. You’ll want to have your resume and headshot ready to upload. Once you have completed the Coach Questionnaire, we will get back with you within a few business days.