Equity Advisor

Guiding and Assuring Our Commitment to Equity

I am September Clark and I have lived in Seattle, Washington since the day I was born and I can’t imagine ever living away from the nature and beauty that is my home state.

For about five and a half years, I served as a guide and role model for young people seeking emotional support, peer-to-peer navigation, and learning personal advocacy at an alternative high school in Seattle.

Over those years, I have gotten amazing opportunities to practice, grow and hone my skills in various forms of restorative practices as well as gain a deeper understanding of anti-racist practices that support school environments.

I love to educate, strengthen and refine myself to become a better person, and I am a lifelong learner and a master student. I am always looking for ways to develop new skills and hone my abilities. I am typically a homebody, but most of the time I love to meet new people and gain new perspectives that I haven’t come across before.