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Coaching Programs for Teens

We believe deep learning is about connection. When a student trusts a Success Coach who serves as their compassionate mentor, the student will do whatever is possible to learn and grow. This educational partnership helps students instill the habits and traits to become lifelong learners.

Tier I

One weekly Coaching Session to provide connection, set goals, assess performance and break through barriers. This could work for a relatively motivated student who needs help organizing and executing.

Tier II

Two weekly Coaching Sessions to support the teen who prospers with frequent and consistent attention in an educational partnership. If a student is far behind or simply unable to make progress, this Tier might be a good choice.

Tier III

Three weekly Coaching Sessions support students who haven’t developed skills like time management and critical thinking, or feel frustrated and paralyzed by an inability to accomplish basic academic tasks. Working with a Coach three sessions a week can help a student learn organizational skills and accountability, and with progress, they may become more independent in their learning journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Asked by Parents

What is Success Coaching?

Success Coaching for teenagers is an evidence-based method of motivating teenagers to uncover their passions and move forward with purpose. Grounded in best practices, Success Coaches employ the New 3Rs of Education: Relationship, Routine, and Resiliency to provide a safe, predictable and joyful space where each child can explore his or her genius.

The decades-old Factory Model of education puts a teacher on a pedestal as the Sage on the Stage while students are mandated to remain obedient, compliant receptacles. “Learning” is measured not by mastery but by rote memorization and tests. Students, especially in high school, disengage from this ineffective model early and often. 

A Success Coach is not the Sage on the Stage but the Guide on the Side, collaborating with the student to empower him/her by igniting curiosity about the world and discovering resources to educate and instill a joy of learning.

What model or methodology of coaching do you follow?

We’ve build our Success Coaching framework on the research and diligence of organizations focused on educational innovation, including, City Year, EL Education, The Forum for Youth Investment, The Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at Arizona State University, Transcend, Turnaround for Children, and Dezudio.

Convening around the principle of equitable education reaching all children, these organizations created the structure for success that we follow: Relationship, Routine, and Resiliency. Their data confirms that these are the conditions that allow children to not only learn but flourish. Our approach is always student-centered; we intentionally collaborate with each student to find his/her particular genius. This is the way all education should be: highly individualized and with a Coach-advocate guiding each student to greatness.

How is Success Coaching different from tutoring and counseling?

Tutoring is one-one teaching on a discrete subject, narrow in focus and tied tightly to mandated curriculum and assessments.  Success Coaching builds the mindset, habits, and character traits that support learning across many subjects and environments. Contrasting costs, tutoring (again, in one subject) is much more expensive (generally $80/hour and up) than Success Coaching.

While Success Coaches organically focus on each child’s social and emotional well-being, we are not mental health counselors. Rather, we view every student holistically, and can address barriers, roadblocks, and challenges across the whole landscape of a child’s life, always with the goal of building with the student a set of skills and habits that will launch him/her to a purposeful life. Counseling can be expensive and difficult to access while the Coaching model can be a better value, more flexible, and an enjoyable journey for your child.

Why pay for a coach when my child is in a school system?

A school system provides curriculum and in-classroom teachers are charged with making sure students “get” that curriculum. It is based on the factory model of education which we endured as children. Many if not most of our students are bored and disengaged, particularly as the pandemic changes the nature of education. School systems are unable to meet the changing circumstances, and this is where Success Coaches fill the gap.

How does my teen continue receiving coaching services past the initial period of time?

After the initial three month period, Success Coaching runs monthly until you decide when it’s time to end! Just let us know prior to the end of the month. (These details are available when you sign up.)

Are these sessions confidential or will the Coach communicate with me/us about what is happening?

Our Coaches will email you at least once a week, summarizing your student’s work and progress, letting you know about successes and challenges and asking for your feedback. We will immediately communicate with you about anything regarding your child’s health, safely, and well-being.

How do you measure success or progress?

You and your student will fill out a short pre-work assessment of attitudes and the “status quo” around schooling and education. After your program has ended, we will measure those same concepts for growth in areas like motivation, skills, and goal-setting. In the current educational climate, “grades” can hardly reflect actual effort or understanding and so, while we work with students on assignments, school district grading is its own limited way of measuring progress.

Are your coaches certified teachers?

We have intentionally sought out people with a wide array of life skills in connecting with and motivating others. Certified teachers may be subject matter experts but they often have not been able to motivate individual students for many reasons. Our Team includes a former Olympian, a champion of education for young black males, a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and others who bring real life experience and energy to the work they love – helping young people discover themselves, their passions, and their ability to guide their own forward movement in life.

What is the cost of your coaching programs?

Our programs are affordable so we can serve as many families as possible. Programs start at $300/month ($75 per session). If cost is a barrier for you, please contact us so we can discuss the possibility of securing funding for you.

Questions Asked by Teens

What is a Success Coach?

If you’ve ever been on a soccer team, for instance, you know that a great coach inspires you to be your best. A Success Coach is not a certified teacher or counselor but a skilled adult who’s interested in YOU. Your Coach will help you find your interests and passions, manage your time, and achieve in school.

What kind of students do you work with?

We specialize in teens from ages 13 to 18, regardless of skills or ability in schoolwork. Some kids are reluctant or frustrated learners, others are go-getters. Almost any kind of student can benefit from a Coach.

Will you share what I tell you with my parents?

Your parents have a lot at stake in your education and just like a teacher or a doctor there are certain things we can and will share with them – information about your progress or challenges, for instance. We are “mandatory reporters,” meaning the law requires us to report abuse and if a Coach is worried about your mental health they will talk to your parent. Mostly you and the Coach will build rapport and have a lot to share and talk about that we wouldn’t need to share with parents, so long as it doesn’t affect your health and welfare.

Do you talk with my teachers?

Instead of talking FOR you, we help you learn how to talk with your teachers. We know this can be scary and intimidating for some students and we help you through that process! We believe this teaches you how to find your voice, learn how to ask for resources and helps encourage human growth.

What if I want to change my coach?

One of the first things you’ll learn with your Coach is how to be honest in communication. You can express feelings or frustrations without fear or judgment. If you aren’t “clicking” with the Coach and want to try another, just talk to your Coach and we’ll do what we can to help you.

Can you help me figure out what to study or what career is best for me?

Yes! Our Coaches LOVE to talk to our students about what really makes them happy. We dig deep to find the real YOU, your talents and interests. We know you can and DO learn about anything that interests you from biking to music to sociology or kite-building. YOUR talents and interests are the building blocks of a happy life, and we will help you discover them.

The Kind Of Student We Serve? All Kinds

We serve many types of students. Some students need a partner to reclaim their motivation and help them become organized. Other students want to accelerate and deepen their educational journey.

We believe that all students benefit from a mentor, guide and coach – and we have Success Coaches to suit all teen’s personalities, needs, stuggles and goals.

We encourage you to explore our testimonials and learn about our Success Coaches. When you are ready, pop on our schedule and let’s talk soon.