Kara D.

About Kara

Co-Founder | President | Certified Behavioral Health Coach


I am first and foremost a parent, a mother of four children. From the time they were born until the time they left for college, I was both a full-time parent and also busy accelerating an executive leadership career in corporate healthcare.

Parenting has been the hardest job beyond any of the positions I had in my 32 year career. While filled with love, hope and excitement, it was also filled with worry, concern and anxiety.

Life was going swimmingly until my youngest son stumbled in his junior year of high school, making some decision for himself that put, not just his education, but his life as risk.  By this time, I was a single mother with 100% custody and 24/7 “child management”. I was filled with fear and tremendous worry – and I felt very alone during that dark time.

My worry for my son was consuming me.  Would he be able to go to college? Would he even graduate high school? Would he be able to make up the classes he didn’t finish in traditional high school? Could he find motivation and joy again in the learning process? Could he work through the confusion and anger that resulted from being pulled out of his high school?

It was at my son’s alternative high school where we met Phyllis Coletta. Phyllis was assigned to be my son’s educator, guide and mentor, navigating him through online academics. One day, I was particularly overwhelmed and tearful. Phyllis said, “It’s going to be just fine. We got this. He will find his way.”

Being able to give up worry and fear, work on reconnecting with my son and helping him through the healing process were our gifts given to us because of Success Coaching.

I’m pleased to report that my son is now graduating high school (a semester early!), is fully healthy and making great choices for himself. He also just got accepted to a four-year university to study biology and pharmacology.

As for me, I decided it was worth all my energy to bring coaching for teenagers to other families. I’m lucky enough to be able to team with Phyllis and a fantastic youth mentor, coaching and equity team to form Beautiful Minds.

If you have any questions about whether Success Coaching is right for you and your child, please reach out and share your story with me. I know it can be a tough time – and WE GOT THIS!