The New R’s

A purposeful life for teenagers

Remember “Reading, Writing and Arithmetic”? This phrase appears to have been developed in the 19th century and was the standard by which learning and educational effectiveness was evaluated. We’ve come a long way from then and we feel it’s time to redefine The Three R’s – The New R’s. Widening Our Approach We’ve widened our […]

The Top 5 Ways Your Teenager Makes You Crazy

teenager driving parents crazy

I remember watching my black lab, Chopper, in the act of vigorously licking himself or eating horse poop or engaging in other pretty disgusting doggy-acts and this occurred to me: he’s just doing what dogs do. Let’s apply that to a teenager who, by nature, will also engage in behavior that is maddening, ridiculous and […]

How We Are Different Than a Tutoring Service

Beautiful Minds Coaching for Teenagers is not a subject matter tutoring service. We complement the traditional or online educational experience. Let us explain what we problems we are here to solve for your teenager – and for you, as the parent and guardian. Our educational system has been desperate for on overhaul. From overcrowded classrooms, […]