We work with teenagers to uncover and grow their personal greatness. Using the evidence-based model championed by educational innovators, we base our coaching methodology on the “New 3R’s” of learning: Relationship, Routine, and Resiliency.

Our Success Coaches work with teenagers to:

  • Mine each child’s talents and passions to build a personal pathway of learning that supports success now and in the transition to adulthood.
  • Create predictable and collaborative routines (such as a daily schedule) based on an adolescent’s personal goals, to support sustainable and purposeful growth
  • Set standards for achievement in school not just to “get to the finish line” of a high school diploma, but to build grit, perseverance, and solid habits for success after high school
  • Build time management skills for timely completion of assignments
  • Support teenagers as they work through barriers and develop a growth mindset, all in the safe container of an authentic relationship with a skilled, compassionate adult
  • Provide guidance for the week ahead by identifying homework assignments due, review feedback from graded assignments, and discuss strategies for staying on task
  • Introduce new techniques for organization and motivation
    Teach basic brain science to identify social and emotional reactions and create healthy pathways to growth
  • Build and strengthen confidence by acknowledging progress and accomplishments
  • Guide each teenager in establishing a vision for the future and teach them how to take small steps in that direction

Navigating Education


As if parenting wasn’t hard enough, we now have to make sure our children are attending online school, showing up, staying focused (and motivated) and completing assignments. As a parent, you might be filled with worry and concern for your child’s future. Many parents are finding they have to be “homework police” – a role which causes great tension between parents and children, especially teens.

The pandemic has exposed how our teenagers are being educated to become, in the words of Sir Ken Robinson, “low-level clerical workers.” Further, data paints a bleak picture of what public schools in the US (ranked 27th in the world) are NOT providing:

  • Adequate support and preparation for college (over 30% of college freshmen drop out);
  • Safety nets and programs for those at-risk of dropping out (the so-called “school to prison pipeline” where nearly 80% of inmates and prisoners lack a high school degree);
  • Practical skills that help students transition into adult life (e.g. financial literacy, home economics, buying/renting a house, job application and interviews), along with character education and leadership development, and;
  • Support for parents

Beautiful Minds Success Coaching disrupts this process by providing an affordable, accessible virtual resource center and refuge for struggling middle and high school students with concurrent support for their parents.

Developing Mindsets


Success Coaching inspires teens to get motivated, focused, and organized, so they can learn, retain and use new knowledge.  Our programs are about connection and motivation, while we help students build skills like critical thinking, problem solving, time management and effective communication. 

Our Success Coaches take the heavy burden of worry and stress off parents’ shoulders by providing an educational structure for students, easing the parent’ burden of continually monitoring and managing their child’s educational process.

We aspire to help our youth reclaim connection – to themselves and their educational path – and discover the joy in lifelong learning.

Wondering if Success Coaching is a good fit for your teen? Hop on a quick call with our us and let’s talk!
  • Help your teen discover motivation
  • Learn organizational skills
  • Relieve parental stress in “teen management”

Our Coaching Process

Connect & Engage

Relationship is the most crucial aspect of coaching. When a student connects with a skilled and trusted adult, s(he)will work harder to meet higher expectations. A skilled coach can help a child uncover talents, interests and passions that last a lifetime.

Build Routines

Success Coaches collaborate with students to:

  • Create sustainable routines based on each child’s life circumstances to support a framework for learning. Routines create safety.
  • Provide a predictable coaching session, starting with (1) relationship-building; (2) engagement in the routine around academic work; and (3) deep dives into resistance and resilience.
Track & Support

Coach and student will set GOALS including short-term (i.e., get assignments done) and long-term (what do you see for your life?). These goals are aligned with individual student interests motivating them to move forward. Intentional skill-building with coaches helps students learn to:

  • analyze information
  • find trusted resources
  • ask a teacher for help
  • organize and manage time and tasks
Communicate Authentically

Parents are stakeholders in the coaching process and deserve clear and consistent accounting of how their child is progressing.  Students deserve honest and authentic communication about challenges and progress.

Will Success Coaching help my Teen?

If you are wondering if Success Coaching would help your teen, let’s talk. We’ll ask a few questions to get to know your teen, your family and help you see what’s possible for your teen’s future.


While we await our tax-exempt status for the non-profit arm of our company, you can help students on the margins by donating here.

By donating, we are able to provide Success Coaching to those students who would otherwise go unserved. 

Success Coaching for Teenagers